Don’t chase the sun, you can find it in Miami!

Palm trees, salt in my hair… Perfect Holiday. These pictures are from Miami. Tip: Stop chasing the sun. It is in Miami. 🙂 Do you believe in beach therapy? -Mira PS. You can follow my blog here: Twitter @TravelPicBlog Bloglovin Travel Pic. by Mira Oiva Facebook Travel Pic. Blog

New York night time skyline

Even tough I just posted, that you should pick Top Of The Rock instead of Empire State building, here you go, night time skyline from Empire. 😉  I hate taking pictures night time, I don’t have equipments good enough taking pictures in low light. Anyway, nightime in New York is something amazing!  

Choose Top of the rock instead of Empire State building

In New York you shouldn’t wait in line so long to see same view. We saw both. Not much of a difference, if you just want to see the skyline of New york. Top of the rock was many times faster and isn’t it nice to have Empire State building in your pictures? Think of…

Should you rent a car and drive to Key West?

Hell yea you should. Just put to roof down early… It is getting hot. 🙂 This is what we saw on the way. Our road-trip was one of the best things in Miami. (Actually, not in Miami…) Something you should know: When renting a car, they didn’t let women drive. (Don’t know why.) Make sure that…