Kangasala shows beauty of lakes

If you are for some reason ended to Tampere Finland, don’t settle only sceneries in Tampere. There is also Kangasala near by offering peacefull nature.  If you want to see finnish lakes “Vehoniemi näkötorni” or other observation towers of Kangasala are intresting places to go. Vehoniemi is a good experience (and free!) More information about…

Forrest is the best place to relax: Seitseminen National Park

Walk and enjoy! Seitseminen Nationalpark is a peaceful place for longer hiking or just to have a nice Sunday walk. (We did the walk. 😉 ) Here is some feelings I captured with my phone.   Nothing else to say, just visit there. More information: Seitseminen Nationalpark. 

Beautiful Iniö in Finland offers peace

Summer and the sea, indeed! We spend one early summer weekend in awesome Iniö near Turku. One of the best weekends with our friend group, sun was shining. Sea was there. We had fun. 🙂 Travelling in Finland can surprise. 🙂 Mira.