Visit Brunate: Town overlooks Lake Como

Lake Como is beautiful – but it is more beautiful when seeing it from the top of a mountain.

Brunate in Lake ComoIMG_3535Brunate in Lake ComoBrunate in Lake ComoBrunate in Lake ComoBrunateBrunateBrunate in Lake ComoBrunate in Lake ComoBrunate in Lake ComoIMG_3684Brunate in Lake ComoBrunateBrunateBrunateLife's a climb but the view is greatBrunate

So, if you ever go to Lake Como, you must see Brunate. It is easy to get there by furnicular from Como to Brunate. But if you want to get to the top – prepare your self for a bit of a hike.

Did you know?

Town of Brunate overlooks Como, which lies on the shore of Lake Como some 500 metres  below.It has some 1 800 residents, but is much more populated in summer.

Have you visited in lake Como or Brunate?


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