Pineapples and mountains in Thailand

Location: Somewhere in Thailand.

Sometimes I thank to myself taking lots of pictures. These pictures are from Thailand, somewhere around 100 km away from Hua Hin? We booked a  trip for tourists, and these places were amazing, had no idea where we were going or where we ended up. 😀 But there was pineapples and mountains. That I know!

Pineapples in ThailandIMG_0918IMG_0911Pineapples in ThailandPineapples in ThailandMountais ThailandMountais Thailand

Only thing was… I was sick, and I was feeling really bad while being in this trip.  It was a bit heavy: hours in the car and seeing the nature, visiting tiny village, climbing rocks to see waterfalls (I will tell you that later!)… But I have photos! Don’t remember much, but these pineapples were cute and mountains impressive. 🙂


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