Incredibly turquoise lake Klamsee in Kaprun, Austria

Easy walk, many things to see.

Austria is amazing place to hike. But we didn’t do that. Except this short (2 km long) walk in Klamssee. Easy for tourist and for families and beginners like us who just wanted to enjoy nature. 🙂


We started our way from Sigmund-Thun Gorge, where you can find wooden stairs and see beautiful scenery close and safe, it was worth paying the entrence-fee. After stairs you can easily walk around tiny but stunning, turquoise lake Klamsee. (Water was cold! Hrr!)

More info about Sigmund-Thun Gorge can be found Zellamsee-Kaprun-website.

Did you know? During the late ice age, a glacier completely covered the valley of Kaprun.

Have you visited in Kaprun? What would be the best route for beginner hiker? 

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