Frankfurt offers modern and traditional Germany in one day

Modern meets traditional.

Frankfurt is modern city, that offers also traditional Germany-feel. In my opinion, Frankfurt is a perfect place for day or two experience.





The modern area of Frankfurt is quite near the older centrum, and it is possible to walk around easily. So first: Enjoy the atmosphere of older Frankfurt, and head up to  Main Tower, 200 metres high skycraper. This way you will see it all at once. 🙂

We stayed a bit far from the centrum, but near really nice bar-street neighborhood called Sachsenhausen. (Important, if you want to experience beer-culture.)  Price-range in the area was a bit lower than in centrum, and they had nice “gardens” to eat (as they have everywhere in Germany.)

Did you know? Frankfurt’s old town was destroyed in World War 2, and most of it is reconstructed.

Have you visited in Frankfurt? What was the highlight of your trip? 

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